Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) - Tremfya

For the upcoming AAD conference in 2022, we were tasked with coming up with creative booth ideas that would keep HCPs engaged and entertained. Our ideas had to stay in line with Tremfya’s rebranding as well.

Option Tremfya

Our first booth idea was predicated on choosing Option Tremfya first. Instead of exhausting all the other options, Option Tremfya was there to show simplicity in a world of complexity. 

Psoriatic Heroes

Our second booth idea was all about boosting HCPs. Seeing them as heroes, we created activities to help HCPs ‘Emerge Tremfyant!’

No Half-Measures

Our third booth idea was about showing that we don’t take any half-measures. Not in the lab, not when prescribing, no half-measures at all.