Work Experience

American Greetings | Direct Competitor of Hallmark

Role: Creative Innovator

Worked in New Product Concepts (NPC)
to develop new to the world ideas to interact
with customers through greeting cards.

Role: Editorial Intern

Worked in Alternative Humor to write
funny greeting cards for both general
and niche audiences.

American Greetings | Intern Collaboration Experience

Collab 1: For Intern Hack Day, I worked with two other interns for 19 hours to create a bot in the Facebook Messenger app. This allowed the company’s Facebook page followers to send personalized greeting cards to their friends through the Facebook Messenger App. It was well received and the company made plans to expand on the project.

Collab 2: I led the intern group (marketing, advertising, supply chain, public relations, and design) to create content for a new target customer in the Recycled Paper Greeting card line. I recruited media interns to create an advertisement for an innovative way to receive greeting cards and modeled for a photoshoot to promote Amazon products through social media.

Fat Penguin LLC

Role: CEO/Founder

Denogal LLC

Role: Brand Creator/Developer