Tab n' Tap

Put it on your tab and pay for your drinks through your phone!

In these pandemic times, handing your credit card to a bartender is becoming obsolete. Bars, breweries, and nightclubs have signed up through the database so you can find your local revelry and pay your tab with your phone.

The logo is not integrated with the phrase as the syllabics give it enough rhythm to stand on its own.  User friendly app navigation for B2B and B2C!


A revolutionary twist to the modern dating site! Say goodbye to one-night stands and say hello to your every-night stand.

Instead of seeing pictures first, the user will see bios first—contrary to the regular dating app model. Users will swipe on bios and when they match with someone else’s bio—only then will they be able to see their pictures. This puts personality as the driving factor before any messaging, and this will impact the users’ views on each other. It’s a model that allows users to get to know each other before seeing pictures.

A soft, sky blue is pleasant to the eyes and also nostalgic. The heart is for love and the zipper connotes intimacy. The layout is simple and easy to navigate through. 


A platform to help people of all ages improve their posture.

Advancements to technology has made us forget that we are biologically based life-forms. We can’t be healthy by slouching and looking at screens all day. Our posture needs to be relaxed and correct to prevent problems for children in their later years. 

An ode to the spine through imagery and structure creates stability and symbolism. Constant connoting to the spinal column through vertebraic platforms will strengthen the call to action. The blue and orange gives it a nice balance between warm and cool colors.


The dating app trap that catches catfishers.

The best way to stop catfishing is to make sure the dating profile picture is organic. After the user’s profile is made, there will be a picture countdown to snapshot a selfie that they can use for their profile photo. It’ll be a lot more work for a catfisher to get by the weekly snapshot update!

The logo depicts the split second before a camera clicks. User-friendly navigation as well as quality assurance API that can scan for rude/explicit content.